TOOLTOP 12V 24V Car Battery Tester Internal Resistance Load Discharge Current Test 3.2 Inch Color Screen Auto Diagnostic Tools

Price: 33.21 - 14.23

ET2201: battery test (battery voltage, internal resistance, discharge current), starts-test (discharge performance), and load test (generator performance).

ET2202: temperature test, charging capacity test, battery test (battery voltage, internal resistance, discharge current), starts-test (discharge performance), and load test (generator performance)


[ Multiple Test Function]: Support for battery test (battery voltage, internal resistance, discharge current), starts-test (discharge performance), and load test (generator performance) function.

[ Continuously Test]: Can check the battery status and the discharging ability, by applying low frequency signal it will not damage the battery by applying large loading for discharging, support continuously.

[12.0V and 24.0V Battery Test]: Automatically identify 12.0V or 24.0V batteries, one button selection of intelligent measurement.

[ Multiple Protections]: Support input overvoltage, reverse polarity connection, high voltage connection protections and poor contacts of test clip.

[ Innovative Temperature Function](ET2202 only): Convenient for engine temperature and air conditioning temperature measurement, more practical.

[ Color LCD Display]: 3.2inch large LCD color screen for display functions status measuring results, analogue bargraph shows the battery lifespan after finishing tests.

[ Superior Materials]: The housing is made of TPR materials, more comfortable to use and more comprehensive protections.

[ Easy Operation]: Allow to connect batteries in cars, It do not need to take the battery out for test.

[ High Compatibility]: Various types of batteries EN, IEC, CCA, SAE, DIN.

[ Copper Wire Clip]: All copper material of red and black wire clamp, more than 10000 occlusion tests, more reliable to use.

Name: Intelligent Battery Tester
Material: TPR+plastics+metal
Type: ET2201, ET2202
Battery support: 12.0V/24.0V activated leadacid battery
Internal resistance measurement: Support
Current of discharge: Support
Analysis of lifespan: Support
Electric quantity detection: Support
Ability to starts: Support
Quality of battery: Support
Function of lighting: Support
Car starting test: Support
Temperature detection: ET2202 Only
Vehicle charging capacity: ET2202 Only
Vehicle load measurement: Support
Range CCA: 100-1999
Range of capacity: ЗАН-250AH
Test method: Four-wire Kelvin test
Battery selection criteria: STD/AGM/GEL/EFB/EN/IEC/CCA/SAE/DIN
Power supplys: storage battery power supply/power supply
Other: White backlight, overvoltage protections, reverse input protections
Screen size: 55 * 57mm / 2.17 * 2.24in
Package size: 216*145 * 49mm / 8.50*5.71 * 1.93in
Package weight:
ET2201: 489g / 1.08lb
ET2202: 524g / 1.16lb

Packing List (ET2201):
1 * Intelligent Battery Tester
1 * Guideline

Packing List (ET2202):
1 * Intelligent Battery Tester
1 * Temperature Probe
1 * Power Line
1 * Storage Bag
1 * Guideline

Detail Pictures:

Original Replaces 600mAh 800mAh AHB572535PJT Battery For Logitech MX Anywhere 2 2S Wireless Gaming Mouse Accumulator AKKU

Price: 4.82

        Shenzhen MIMIGI Technology Co.,LTD as a battery manufacturer, specialized in OEM ODM all kinds of high quality li-ion batteries for MP3, MP4, GPS, remote controller, Bluetooth speaker & headset & selfie stick, headphone, LED lamp, tablet PC, mini digital camera, radio, smart watch, portable DVD, MID, PDA, pos machines, interphone, voice recorder, for PSP, backup power, electric toy and other device.  Welcome to inquire us by leave message.  

001. Battery Model: Anywhere 2 2s AHB572535PJT.  Attention: Battery only for MX Anywhere 2 2s . Not compatible with MX Master 2s.

002. Battery Condition: Full New;

003. Battery Type: Li-polymer Rechargeable;

004. Battery Capacity: 600mAh & 800mAh;

005. Used for Logitech Wireless Bluetooth Mouse.

006. Packing List :   1PC X Battery Inside .

001. Q: How do we contact you? Payment types?
A: Contact us through trademanager or via email.  Payment Type: Payapl,Escrow,T/T,Western Union etc.

002. Q:  When can I expect delivery of my item?
A: All items are dispatched within 48 hours of your payment clearing (except Weekends & Bank Holidays).Because it is international business, when goods are shipped by post air mail,generally, Our customers can get the goods within 17-39days  (73.75%),the tracking number will be given the same day. Notice: Russia $ Brazil: 39-90Days, Depends up local shipping service.

003. Q: My Item is faulty, or I have received the wrong item? What I should do ?
A:We apologise in advance if this happens. Before returning your item please contact us firstly, we will answer all emails within 24 hours Monday to Friday.
1.Generally,extreme deal is always here,but if that happen,right item will be sent at once,we  will take photos with your order number,the incidence is 0%,unless the shipment company send the wrong parcel,but all our shipment company is one-in-a-million.
2.If the item comes with the same function,even better quality,a little differenceon the surface,generally,we will notice you in advance by leave message or call,after your approval, then the goods will be sent timely.

004.  Q: If I need fast shipment , what should I do?
A:Place the order firstly, but unpaid, we will adjust the price for you according to your new shipment requirement ;Just leave message through aliexpress system or we can chat on line.

005.  Q: Please all buyers pay attention to custom duty problems here.
A:  We as a china factory can't deal with oversea custom duty problems,we won't be responsible for any custom duty problem at any destination country; So please consider this problem before importing, Of course,we will do our best to help all customers deal with custom duty problems according to our exporting experience, You'd be better contact with us firstly if you worry a lot of it. What we can do it for this problem?:         a.Offer CI (Commercial Invoice); b.Declare reasonable price as we agreed; c.Use custom duty free shipping,there will be extra shipping cost for this way, it works for the most of countries.

001. Tracking number is supported. All the way tracked.

002. 1~10PCS Shipping Method: Post (4px SG/EUB/Meest/Speical Line Etc.-Generally 22~49Days Delivered.)

003. 100PCS Shipping Method: Express(DHL/UPS/FEDEX/Special Line Etc.-Generally 7~19Days Delivered.)

004. Do not disassemble or modify the battery for any other purpose

005. Do not short- circuit the battery. Short circuiting with occur when a metal object, key or coin has a clint connection to
        the positive (+) and Negarive(-) terminals of the battery may damage the battery or any other connecting subject.
006. Do not expose to the temperature above 45℃
007. Do not dispose the batteries into fire, it may cause exploding.

008. Communication is very important , It is the key and unique way to remove problems.


001. Your early confirmation will be highly appreciated.
002. Your feedback is very important to our business's development, we sincerely invite you to leave positive feedback for us if you are satisfied with our product and service. It just take you 1 minute, this 1 minute has the extremely vital significance to us.
003. Please contact us before disputes or leaving any negative or neutral feedback. We will work with you to solve all problems. Thank you for your understanding!
004. If you need helps, feel free to leave us message, question will be replied timely. ( Mon. ~ Fri. working days ).

NEW 18V 10Ah Rechargeable Li-ion Battery For Bosch 18V Power tool Backup 10000mah Portable Replacement BAT609 Indicator light

Price: 31.92 - 46.10

Dear customers and friends,

Welcome to our shop!
[Good News!!!]
From today on, most of the packages placed in this store will be sent to the buyer
by air line
; Otherwise, the package will also be sent to the buyer through
the logistics line with searchable logistics tracking information
. Please rest assured that buyers buy!
[About logistics]
1. Some delivery logistics methods of this store are not shown in the order details. You can

This website carries on the inquiry tracking information; As batteries are special products, we will choose different channels to send packages according to your purchase order amount or product weight (some channels have no tracking information);
2. Due to different transportation channels in different countries, the time limit will be different. Generally, you can receive the goods within 10-75 days. If you have any questions, you can consult our online customer service personnel

Battery type: Li-ion
Voltage: 18V
Capacity: 6.0/8.0/10.0 Ah
Color: Red-Black
Replace with Bosch Battery Code:
For Bosch
BAT609 BAT609G BAT618 BAT618G 3601H61S10
607 2 336 091 2 607 336 092 2 607, 336, 169, 2 607, 336 of 170
2 607, 336, 235, 2 607, 336, 236, 2 607, 336, 803, 2 607, 336 of 815

Fit for Bosch model: For Bosch
For Bosch 24618-01, for Bosch 3601H61S10, for Bosch 36618-02, for Bosch BSH180, for Bosch CAG180-01, for Bosch DGSH-181, for Bosch FHN180,
For Bosch HDS180-03, for Bosch HTH181-01, for Bosch HTH182-01, for Bosch IWH181-01, for Bosch IWHT180-01, for Bosch IWHT181-01,
For Bosch PLH181K, for Bosch RHS181-01
For Bosch 18 v-li Series
For Bosch GCB 18 v-li, for Bosch GDX 18 v-li, for Bosch GHO 18 v-li, for Bosch GKS 18 v-li,
For Bosch GSA 18 v-li, for Bosch GSK 18 v-li, for Bosch GST 18 v-li, for Bosch GWS 18 v-li, for Bosch HDB180
For Bosch 17618 series
17618 of 17618-01
For Bosch 25618 series
25618 of 25618-01 25618-02
For Bosch 26618 series
26618 of 26618-01
For Bosch 37618 series
37618 of 37618-01
Bosch CCS180 series
CCS180 … CCS180B … CCS180K
Bosch CFL180 series
CFL180 … CFL180B
Bosch CRS180 series
CRS180 … CRS180B … CRS180K
Bosch DDS180 series
DDS180-01 … DDS180-03
Bosch DGSH181 series
DGSH181 … DGSH181K
Bosch GBH 18 Series
Bosch RDA 18 Series
GDR 18 v-li, GDR 18 v-li MF, GDR 18-LI
Bosch GDS 18 Series
GDS 18 v-li, GDS 18 v-li HT
Bosch GSB 18 Series
GSB 18 v-li, GSB 180-LI, GSB 18 v-lin, GSB 18 VE-2-LI,
GSB 18-2-LI
For Bosch GSR 18 Series
GSR 18 v-li, GSR 18 v-lin, GSR 18 VE-2-LI,
Powder residue 18-2-LI … GSR 18V-LINH
Bosch JSH180 series
JSH180 … JSH180-01
Bosch RHH180 series
RHH180 … RHH180-01

1200mAh 3.6V Replacement PSP Battery for Sony PSP2000 PSP3000 PSP S110 Gamepad For PlayStation Portable Controller Batteries

Price: 15.23 - 7.62

Note: When sending batteries from China to Brazil and South Korea, you need to provide your tax number or identity ID.
*High capacity quality lithium ion battery pack
*Fits right in the battery slot, and you cover it with the PSP battery cover
*Voltage: 3.6V
*Capacity: 1200mAh
Package includes: 1 x 1200mAh battery pack + 1 Cable
Compatible battery part number: Sony PSP-S110
Compatible model: SonyPSP 3000 (3001, 3002, 3003, 3004, 3005, 3006, 3007, 3008, 3010),
PSP 2000 (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010), PSP Lite, PSP Silm

2022 New 14.8V 12800mAh Battery Pack for Qihoo 360 S6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Spare Parts Accessories Replacement Batteries

Price: 26.64 - 9.06

Compatible model:

For Qihoo 360 S6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Spare Parts Accessories Replacement Batteries


Voltage: 14.8V

Capacity: 2800mAh/4800mAh/6800mAh/9800mAh/12800mAh/41.44Wh

Dimension: 133 x 38 x 20mm(±3mm)


We guaranteed:
>Delivery reliable,optimal performance! Considerate service!
>Best price and Good quality!

Using Tips:

1.Terminate any applications that are not in use.
2.Switch the vibration off and reduce ring tone and screen timeout.
3.Avoid exposing the battery to liquid or subject to strong mechanical shocks.
4.You can use the Baixt External Battery to make your cell phone battery life last longer.
5.Avoid overcharge and over discharge. Please stop charging when the battery is 100% charged.
6.Avoid exposing to high temperatures 140°F/60°C. Keep the battery power between 5%-95%.
7.Do not short-circuit the battery.Accidental short-circuiting can occur when a metallic object such as a coin clip,or pen causes direct connection of the positive(+) and negative(-) terminals of the battery short-circuiting the terminals may damage the battery of the connecting object.


For XiaoMl Lydsto R1 Original Accessories Lithium BatteryRechargeable Battery Pack is Suitable For Repair and Replacement

Price: 46.72 - 38.11

Atención por favor.
Para los clientes de las Islas Canarias, España, el código postal es 35000 – 35999 / 38000 – 38999 / 07000 – 07999.
Por favor, no ordene este producto, no tenemos forma segura de enviar la batería a su dirección en este momento.t.

For XiaoMi Roidmi Eve Plus 
For Xiaomi Viomi S9
For XiaoMi Lydsto R1
for Viomi VXVC07-JG,VXVC11, VXVC12 ,VXVC13, VXVC14, VXVC15 ,1A ,1C,1X

Battery Capacity: 6800mAh
Battery Voltage: 14.4 V (Compatible with 14.8V)
Battery Type: Li-ionCells: made of brand cells
Dimension: 40*36*132(mm)
Battery Weight: 380g/18.27oz/1.14lb
Color: Blue
If you don’t use the battery for a long time, please take out the battery from your robot and place it in a cool,dry place.

Package Including:
1* replacement 14.4v 6800mAh Li-ion battery

6V Battery with Hitec Connector for RC Aircrafts, Remote Control Car, Walking Robot Rechargeable Battery

Price: 11.37 - 20.62


Capacity: 2100mAh

Voltage: 6V

Battery type: Ni-MH Battery

Connector: Hitec Connector

Cells: 5*AA Batteries

Compatible with:

RC airplane: Hitec, Futaba and JR Walking robot…

RC receiver,such as airplane,walking robot,RC car…

The package includes :

1/ 2/ 3/ 4 x Battery

Makita Original 18V Makita 6000mAh Lithium ion Rechargeable Battery 18v drill Replacement Batteries BL1860 BL1830 BL1850 BL1860B

Price: 43.84 - 21.71

Brand: Makita
Battery type: li-ion
Nominal Voltage: 18V
Nominal Capacity: 6.0Ah
1.Latest upgrade circuit board with single cell balance detection function, can make every cell charged and discharged balance, effectively prevent every cell over-charge and over-discharge
2.Built-in memory chip and cpu, can automatically set the battery charging effect, protect the battery
3.Safeguard features against incorrect voltage, short circuit, internal overheating.
4.High quality material case, strong and durable with Shockproof design.
5.LED indicator, can know the remaining power any time.
6.BL1860b Provides up to 2.3 times more run time per charge than the 3.0Ah battery.
7.FCC,RoHS,CE,PSE and TUV certificated.
Replacement Battery Codes:
194204-5 194205-3  194309-1 194230-4  BL1815  BL1830  BL1840 BL1850 BL1860 LXT400
Suitable Power Tools Models:Please enter (CTRL+F)to find your model.
BDF453SHE,BDF454Z,BHP452, BML184, BML185, BST221Z,BTDW251Z,
ML185,TD140D, TW251D, BCS550Z,BDA350 BDA350Z, BDF451, BDF451Z,
BFR550L, BFR550Z,BFR750, BFR750L, BFR750Z,BFS450RFE, BFS450Z,
BGA452, BGA452Z  BHP451SFE, BHP451Z,BHP453, BHP453SHE,BHP454,
BHP454Z, BHR202RFE, BHR202Z, BHR240, BHR240Z, BHR241, BHR241Z
General tool model: for Makita 14.4v/18v lithium battery
(not applicable to 10.8V lithium battery) charging!
Alternative battery: 14.4v-18v
Battery charger input: 110 V ~ 240 V general purpose
Battery charger output: 14.4 V to 18 V DC 3A
Compatible battery type: 14.4V, 18V Li ion battery
Charging protection: built in circuit protection to prevent overheating, short circuit, long time charging and detect damaged battery.
Compatible model: 18V bl1815 bl1830 bl1840 bl1845 bl1860 14.4V bl1415 bl1430 bl1440.bl1445 bl1460


Vacuum Cleaner Battery Replacement for Xiaomi Roborock S50 S51 S55 T60 E352-00 S502-00 C10 E20 E35 14.4V 5.2AH SC Batteries

Price: 48.72 - 18.35

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion ( Li-ion )Batteries
Voltage: 14.4V
Battery Capacity: 5.2Ah ( 5200mAh)
Body Color: Orange, Black

Applicable Models  :
for backup power supply of xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner,Roborock S50 S51 S55 T60 E352-00 S502-00 C10 E20 E35

Amigos brasileiros:

De acordo com as exigências da alfândega brasileira, todos os compradores brasileiros devem nos fornecer seu CPF e um endereço de e-mail válido. Portanto, lembre-se de incluir seu CPF e um endereço de e-mail válido nas observações ao fazer o pedido.

한국 친구:
한국 세관의 요구 사항으로 인해 모든 한국 구매자는 개인 세관 코드를 제공해야 합니다. 따라서 주문 시 비고란에 개인통관번호를 반드시 기재해 주시기 바랍니다.

Brazilian Friends:

According to Brazilian Customs requirements, all Brazilian buyers must provide us with your Personal Tax ID (CPF) and a valid Email address. Therefore, please remember to include your Personal Tax ID (CPF) and valid Email address in the notes when ordering.

Korean Friends:
Due to the requirements of the Korean Customs, all Korean buyers must provide us your personal customs code. So please remember to write your personal customs code in the remark when order.

Precautions for Battery Use:
1. For transportation safety, the battery will not be fully charged at the factory, so please fully charge it before you use it for the first time, it will be more stable and safe;
2. The battery is stored in a cool and dry place;
3. Do not separate, extrude and hit;
4. Do not put the battery into water and fire;
5. Keep away from children.

About Shipment:
All packages will be sent out as soon as possible, because the battery security check is strict, the tracking information may be delayed 1~3 days to show, please be patient.

About Feedback:
If you are satisfied with our products or services, please give us 5 stars;
If you are not satisfied with our products or services, please contact us and we will continue to serve you until you are satisfied.

After Sale:
1. Any quality problems resulting in non-functionality, we will refund to you without any reason;
2. If you need to return or refund for other reasons, please contact us in advance and we will make arrangements for you in a timely manner.
3. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.

7.2V 3600mAh BL7010 Li-ion Battery Replacement for Makita 194355-4 TD020 TD020D TD020DS Rechargeable Batteries Power Tools

Price: 25.62 - 15.89

Battery Specifications:

Battery model: Makita Battery



Wattage: 25.92Wh

Battery Type:Li-ion

Compatible with the following Makita 7.2v power tools:

Makita Cordless Drills / Drivers:
DF010, DF010D, DF010DS, DF010DSE, DF010DZ, TD020, TD020D, TD020DS, TD020DSE, TD020DSEW, TD020DSW, TD021, TD021D, TD021DS, TD021DSEX, TD021DSW, TD021DZ, TD021DZW

Makita Cordless Nailers:
GN900, GN900SE, GN900SEP4, GN900SEP9

Makita Cordless Cleaners:
CL070, CL070D, CL070DS, CL070DZ, CL072, CL072DS, CL072DZ

Replacement Part #:
Makita BL7010, 194355-4, 194356-2

Battery Advantages:

1.Environmental-Friendly Battery

2.High-Rate Discharge Battery

3.CE, UL, FCC, ROHS, REACH Certified

4.1200+ Cycles

5.High-Temperature / Low-Temperature Protection

6.Over-Current / Over-Charge / Over-Discharge Protection

7.NO Fire, NO Explosion in ANY Case

Warm Notes:

1. Please fully charged battery before first use.

2.If you are not going to use the battery for a month or longer, store it in a clean, dry, cool place away from fire and water.

3.Please recharge it after long storage . As Ni-Cd/Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries will self-discharge during storage.

4.Do not Separation, extrusion, and impact.

5.If the item is defective, please notify us within 7 days after receiving it.

6.Normally, We will send the items within 1 business days once your payment is completed. Usually, after we dispatch, the express system takes 7 working days to updating tracking No. to the system. A mostly, the parcel can be delivered in 6 weeks. If you do not received your parcel in time, please kindly advise us, we will track the parce