12V 1500mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery For Angle Grinder Electric Drill Electric Screwdriver Spare Battery EU Plug

Price: 5.94 - 4.04

Note: The charger defaults to sending EU plug!!!
If you need US, AU, UK plug, please contact customer service.
Feature: 100% Brand new! High-energy non memory lithium battery, ready to charge at any time. Strong power, long life. High-quality batteries, circuit board protection system to prevent over-charging drill stuck or overload automatic power off. Suitable for charging drill pistol drill universal type. Battery Type: Pull type Save Temperature: Normal Temperature Place of Application: Electric Drill / Pistol Drill / Electric Screwdriver Notes: 1. Please allow slight color deviation between the paper cards and the pictures shown. 2. Please keep battery out of reach of your children in case they swallow. 3. Please keep batteries in dry and cool place. 4. Do not recharge the cells or dispose off them in fire.

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